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ARTIST: Declan McKenna
SONG: Brazil
ALBUM: Brazil, available on iTunes
FACEBOOK: DeclanMckennaMusic

Sometimes I slack (*sometimezzzz) on posting.. and then when I do post, I really fight with the songs/lyrics that can be posted to my ‘past’ (cite: 5 weeks ago) versus the ones that are so relevant #rightnow. Legitimately, the struggle is real.

I email myself – like a champ – like a champ with lots of friends.. I email myself “Overheard” lyrics so I suppose I could attach the song to that date, but in reality, I will hear a song and be like, “that’s brilliant” – but not relevant to where I’m at.. And in all fairness, sometimes the songs aren’t relevant.. (because I’ve never ‘drank away the part of the day that I cannot think away‘.) Me? Never.

But this one.. Declan McKenna’s “Brazil” – today, yesterday, 5 years ago, 10 years, tomorrow and the next day: “I’ve got a mission and my mission is real.” I’m with you.

For the record though, every time I hear the song, I contemplate if the ‘better lyric’ could be the alarming yet honest, “..I’m gonna burn your house down to spread peace and love.” Personally, I’ll just aggressively nag you, with the prettiest smile you’ve since since.. the last person smiled at you.

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