Friendship Bracelet Dog Collar

I went to the Long Beach Flea Market today and saw a very cute dog, with a very cute collar & matching leash. I would’ve definitely just asked the owner where he got it from..but he was in a fairly intense conversation with his flea market mate.

So.. enter the internet. For the record, not the easiest thing to find.. and I was actually kind of surprised because, while this was the first time I saw a leash/collar set like this, it was truly amazing – and I’m thinking probably pretty popular if people knew about them.

I can’t find the leash. But at least I found some collars. The one I saw at the flea market was the wide / thick version (definitely very cool in person.) For a little less money, there are skinny alts.

This ‘boho colorful dog collar‘, by MextixaLove, on Etsy for just $20, but shipping all the way from Australia.

Here’s another one from the same vendor. Little thicker, $26.83:

There is also a vendor in Cozumel making woven dog collars. These will run you anywhere from $8 for a skinny version, up to $25..

Now if only we had a photo of a dog wearing one…

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