ARTIST: Metric
SONG: The Void
ALBUM: Synthetica
WEBSITE: ILoveMetric.com
TWITTER: @Metric

I fell out of love with Metric some time ago. I digress on apologizing as my previous statement eludes to the fact that I was in love with Metric. Like so many relationships, things rarely last forever, and at some point I was just kind of over them, despite a long affinity for their music, and definitely Emily Haines, from whom I learned one of my favorite dance moves ever – a side to side, shoulder back and forth…shimmy.

So why the departure? I probably got burnt out. The number of times I listened to Old World Underground was likely in and of itself enough to make me want to gag from the sound, but Live It Out captured me, as did Grow Up and Blow Away. But I think that was the end. Fantasies brought me back for a hot second with the numerous clingers on the album, but I no longer really considered myself a big Metric fan.

Thus, when at the gym this evening spinning, listening to Pandora, with the commercials, Metric comes on, and I reach alarmingly fast to ‘next’ it. But it was a song I’d never heard, and I kind of checked myself – I mean, come on you loved this band.

What a shame I missed this, but how fortunate to have it introduced to me 4 years later. “The Void” by Metric: The beat. The words. The video. It immediately brought me back to the olden days.. like really getting lyrics. My favorite is that the song stars, “All night, like a child, I stayed up to prove I can keep up..” – and with references like those, one might go back to the days of Santa, childhood excitement, something good. But then we continue into something a little more adult.. “All night, like a fool, I stayed up to prove I could keep up with you.” And enter the hangover and likely regret.

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