Mixtape Monday Vol 3.


Mixtape Monday Vol 3. features music to shake your ass to. Or rather, anthems. What does it mean? They’re all a little something with a beat, that make for – among other things – excellent songs to spin to. Spin like cycling. (I’ve been asked..)

Clingers include all time favorite, “The Villian” by Mesita, with a good overheard, “..This is how you become the villian.” You know, I was wondering but never wanted to ask. In addition to a new one from Miike Snow, “Genghis Khan.”

Other favorites are no doubt “Sail With Me” by now defunct turned into a whole different amazing thing, ImaRobot*, and “Superstar” by Broods, featured here.

I listened to a little too much Phoenix at a young age and now pretty much can’t stand the sound except for the ones that likely rarely made the radio. Qualifying is “Bourgeois.”

*For the record ImaRobot, fronted by Alex Ebert, moved from the synth pop movement into his alter ego Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and more recently, a solo effort, Alexander. #Allgood.

Remember to cut up your 6 pack rings. That crappy plastic can cause a lot of damange. If you just can’t muster the :30 to do so, feel free to send them my way. I’ll pay shipping.

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