Mixtape Monday Vol. 9

That computer brightness a little too lit? Mine is. Take it down a few degrees with Mixtape Monday Vol. 9. Words of wisdom are busting at the seams. Let’s see what we have:
-“Don’t be the boy that spits on girls. Everybody hates that guy.” – Amy Shark, ‘Spits on Girls’
-Previously featured on Overheard.xyz, “Follow my lead cause I’ve been here before. We’re close as family, and I won’t steer you wrong.” – Tokimonsta
-“Now that I’m alone, you can’t touch me.” – ‘Bones’ by Cash+David

And what is a contender for my song of the year, and the only reason it won’t take it is because it’s a selfish prose when bigger thing happened, but. ‘Game’ by Mating Ritual. This is one of those that I actually listened to one too many times and then had to seriously put it on the shelf for a while.

But, “I’m losing the game to all the younger kids, but I won’t let them fuck with me or what I want.” It’s actually one of those that there are so many Overheard quality eavesdroppings, it’s legitimately impossible to choose.

Adding, “Sometimes it’s easy to lose when you thought you would win.”

And originally featured right here, “I’m smoother when I’m buzzed.”

Am I gushing?

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