Mixtape Monday Vol. 5


Mixtape Monday Vol. 4 has a little bit of everything, but we want you to get your dance fix. Try “Losing You” by Solange – with noises as samples that on their own maybe annoying but in the mix give you a beat that is a rhythm you’ll want to dance to.

“Human Animal” by Total Giovanni has relatable lyrics: “I’m having so little impact..” Don’t we always feel like that at least sometimes? Well knock it off, grab an espresso, and show up at an animal shelter and walk some dogs (try here). We guarantee you’ll see your impact in those endearing eyes looking back at you saying ‘thanks for the time’.

And for a slower jam, but with a solid beat, listen to “Venice” by The Lighthouse and the Whaler, off album, ‘This is an adventure’. It is! Get it. Get it now.

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