There are a few things going with food waste. I’m very against food waste – partially due to how I was raised (you just don’t waste food), but additionally I think it’s really inappropriate in relation to meat. Wasting food is a bad enough habit as it is, but when animals are involved, that makes it even more cringeworthy.

Well the statistics are pretty alarming too. Like the fact that 40% of food ends up wasted. And wasted food is the single largest contributor to landfills in the US. (Not to mention what was that food contained in – probably plastic, paper, tin, glass.. and a lot of that goes right into the landfill with the food.)

There’s a new call to action – and it’s pretty easy – stop wasting food. Personally I think the first step in preventing this is awareness, and changing your subsequent actions. Think about why you buy, what you need and what you will use. And thinking of the fact that so many people risk hunger.. it makes it pretty easy to keep it top of mind to make an effort not to waste food.

SavetheFood.com is also a new initiative, with amazing creative, as a call to action to stop food waste. Here are some facts from them:

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