Drink Free Coffee, Give $5

StrayRescueSTL just recently posted on Instagram with this, “Romeo is so happy tonight in his jammies. Could you give $1 for him? He’s lived here a long time and is so happy for a human to snuggle against. We wish we had someone for each dog tonight!”

Welp StrayRescueSTL, I have $5 for Romeo. I’ll skip today’s paid coffee (note, not skipping coffee.. there’s free stuff at the office, at the Jiffy Lube, at Trader Joe’s.)

You too can help StrayRescueSTL right here. If you would prefer to donate via their wish list, you can do that too. They are in need of super glamorous stuff like fabric softner, paper towels, laundry detergent and stuff for the pups. There are needs that cost a fair amount of money..and needs that cost very little. Consider donating today.

If you do…Baby Bill thanks you:

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