ARTIST: York Lore
SONG: Goodpain
WEBSITE: York Lore

I still use a 2nd generation iPod Shuffle. Yes, I just had to look up what generation it is that I’m fond of, and currently own 3 of, via Google image searches. For the record, given my fondness of 2nd gen, I probably should move to 4th gen.. if someone could tell me why 1st & 3rd gen were tall rectangles, and 2nd and 4th were small rectangles and squares that would be great. But I use 2nd gen iPod Shuffles.

On a 2nd gen iPod Shuffle, you can put a slew of songs, but once you sync it to a different computer (I bounce between work and home), you have to clear it. It holds maybe 60 songs. Given these two facts, I’ll tell you about something that happens: I put ~60 songs on my Shuffle. I fall in love with said songs. I do not want to sync and clear the songs when I’m on a different computer because I don’t totally know what’s on the Shuffle at any given time and I like what’s on there and don’t want to lose (eg lose in the mess of all my music) these beloved songs. Plus, these 2nd gen ipods are often either synced to the wrong computer (so I can’t see the playlist), wall charged, or the viable option three: lost. (They’re the size of a quarter. I lose them all the time. That’s why I have 3 in rotation.)

The result of this situation is that I have ~60 songs I like, that I don’t often know what they are (I refresh the pods about 3x a year if that, because more often than not I’m listening to Spotify through my computer or phone.) But when I listen to those ~60 songs, what previals is the fact that I don’t want to sync & delete the playlist because… there are things on the pod that I really like.

“Goodpain” by York Lore is on one of my 2nd gen iPods right now, of which I have now recognized song & artist, but for the past 8 months I have not wanted to delete. It’s overheard therapy.

“It’s good pain it means I can’t be phased.” I like the idea of good pain. I think loss is good pain. And this song has made me think.. and reconcile emotions. The full lyric is “..grass stains cut my bloody knees, it’s good pain, it means I can’t be phased.” – and I get that. I feel like that’s kid-wounds. Literal wounds. I burnt my hand on the iron today.. that’s literal wounds. But I think there’s a lot more to ‘good pain’. I feel good pain.

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